Holiday immersed in nature
The flats

The flats

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The Flats

Four apartments in Tuscan style have been built next to the main, stone-built house. There are two apartments in each building, designed so as to respect the privacy of the occupants. The apartments all have a portico which, from breakfast time through to dinner, acts as an extra, third room, surrounded by oleanders, rosemary and bay.

Each apartment has a living room with a sofa bed and kitchen corner and a double bedroom and bathroom with shower. They come equipped with everything you may need, including all linen.

The furnishing and the ceilings with wooden beams and terracotta tiles combine to make up a welcoming, rustic atmosphere. The well-insulated roofing protects from the cold in winter and also from the heat of the summer

The apartments are for four. For those who want to wake up to the sun, promising day-long energy, the ‘alba’ or ‘levante’ apartments are best. Should you prefer to start the day in tranquillity until enjoying the sun as it dips beneath the hills, it’s better to choose the ‘tramonto’ or ‘ponente’ apartments. If you want to follow the sun along its full course, and you prefer more room, well, choose another apartment, the ‘mezzogiorno’, which has an extra two-bedded room. Morning and afternoon from all the rooms you can go outside into the greenery, perhaps just exchanging the bed for a sun-lounger, or maybe swimming in the nearby pool, jogging, or going to Cafaggio by bicycle to pick up some bread

There are ghost mountain bikes to rent if you want to leave your own at home.

Price List 2024

  • from 01/01 to 29/04
    700,00 euro

    from 29/04 to 22/07
    870,00 euro

    from 22/07 to 10/09
    1095,00 euro

    from 10/09 to 28/10
    870,00 euro

    from 28/10 to 31/12
    700,00 euro

    The prices are per week

    All included: water, electricity, gas, bed linen and towels, swimming pool and final cleaning

The Flats
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