Holiday immersed in nature
The Surroundings

The Surroundings

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The Surroundings

If the water in the pool seems to hot then the sea is but twenty minutes away by car, the gulf of Baratti, for example, with its extensive Etruscan archaeological park. Or there is a variety of beaches between San Vincenzo and Follonica with fine white sand and clear, crystalline water, or rocky beaches ideal for snorkelling.

In the colder season you can enjoy the 37 degree spa waters of Venturina, which also offer various health cures. Or you might go to San Vincenzo, a seaside town with a pedestrianised area full of shops and a new yacht marina, where shopping means fun

You can get to Pisa and Lucca in an hour, by train or by car. To reach Siena and Florence you need an hour and a half. If you want to visit Rome we would recommend taking the train. In two and a half hours you are there. But don’t miss the chance to wander around the historical centres of the nearby villages like Campiglia, Suvereto or Massa Marittima.

To get to us take the Venturina exit from the Livorno-Rome highway and, following the directions for Suvereto, reach Cafaggio. Here you turn left and at the next junction take a right, next to the Accardi nursery, in front of a yellow house. When you see a sign saying ‘divieto per camion’ turn right. After a kilometre on this country lane you’ll see our holiday farm on the left. Stop at the gate, and the five dogs will surely b with you, barking. You’ve arrived.


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