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Apartment in Campiglia M.ma

Apartment in Campiglia

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Apartment in Campiglia Marittima

Try to imagine your holidays. You’ve left the daily grind behind you and you wake to the first rays of the sun. You can enjoy peace and quiet without being disturbed by other tourists. Clean air, no sounds of traffic invading the house. But, you are still in the centre of a village! You’re living in the historical centre of the Tuscan village of Campiglia Marittima. Following the winding alleys you get to the square in a few minutes for your breakfast, going to one of the two bars for a first cappuccino. The whole day is yours. Perhaps you want to visit the Etruscan excavations in the enchanting gulf of Baratti, or maybe the ruins of the Rocca di San Silvestro, perched on its rocky outcrop. The beautiful view alone is worth the visit. Or you’d like to take a dip in the thermal pool of the Calidario, the waters at a constant 36 degrees. In twenty minutes you could be on the beach. And when it’s too hot you can withdraw to your apartment in via Parenti and read one of those books that you seem never to find the time to open when you’re at home. Later, with your aperitif, you can look at the swifts whirling overhead in an incessant insect hunt. For dinner you’ve booked a table at one of the restaurants around the square, or perhaps a restaurant by the sea for seafood.

Before going to bed you take your place on a chair outside the door, as the locals do, to enjoy the pleasing cool of a Mediterranean evening. Or if it’s winter, perhaps you’ve lit a fire in the fireplace to enjoy its company. In that season the smell of wood burning spreads all over the village.

Originally the apartment was a storeroom for hams, cheese and wine (the walls are for sure some thousand years old). Now it has been comfortably restored, but without touching this rustic feel. There are two apartments, both on the ground floor, with separate entrances. In front of the house an alleyway opens up to let in the sun and gives a fine view over the old rooftops to the sea. If you wish, you may rent both apartments, uniting them. Otherwise they are divided by a double door. Each apartment has a bathroom, a kitchen corner with a dishwasher and fridge, modern central heating, two or three beds, a dining table and chairs and armchairs. Thanks to the heating and the double-glazed windows, the rooms are also perfect in winter.

Apartment in Campiglia

Price list 2018
  • from 01/01 to 29/04
    420,00 euro

    dal 29/04 al 22/07
    490,00 euro

    dal 22/07 al 02/09
    600,00 euro

    dal 02/09 al 28/10
    490,00 euro

    dal 28/10 al 31/12
    420,00 euro

    All included:  water, electricity, gas, bed linen and towels, pool and final cleaning

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