Holiday immersed in nature

Terra dei Ciuchi

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Terra dei Ciuchi

Hello, and welcome to the Terra dei Ciuchi. Our names are Herta and Wolfgang and we have lived in Tuscany for more than thirty years, together with horse, donkeys, dogs, cats and various birds, on the foothills below the picturesque village of Campiglia Marittima, facing the island of Elba. Having a holiday with us means living in the midst of nature, breathing in the perfume of the macchia scrub – of myrtle, broom, the strawberry tree and thyme. Just a short walk uphill onto our dry-stone terraces and you can enjoy a view over the nearby sea, just twenty minutes away. Turn around and you can see the apartments and the swimming pool, surrounded by centuries-old oaks that offer plentiful shade.

All around spread the meadowland for the horse and donkeys, with the vines and artichokes, the fruit trees and the kitchen garden. Behind the valley around Suvereto there is the wide panorama of the hills of Monterotondo and Massa Marittima. If you keep going until the house and apartments disappear from view you feel that you are alone in the world, perhaps just a bird of prey circling on high over the hills. Under one of the enormous oaks there is an internet point, the password fixed onto the table, the nearby coffee machine giving quality to life.

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